Team Thursday Part 13 – Meet Lorenza !

In this week’s part of the Team Thursday Series, we introduce to you Lorenza Arnaboldi of PROJECT-E’s Public Relations Department: 1. What’s your background? My academic background is in psychology and human rights, and I have always been proactive in promoting positive change and raising awareness on issues that matter to me.     2. What’s your […]


Our volunteer Nita in Addis

It has been a stormy first week for me as the new volunteer at the hospitality institute in Addis. I am currently writing my master thesis in Development and International Relations at Aalborg University in Denmark and arrived here from my internship in Brussels where I was introduced to Ethiopia for the first time. The more I was working with Ethiopia the more I wanted to go and see what this country has to offer. So when I finally arrived in Addis, I was full of excitement and curiosity and so far I am still stunned by everything I see and experience every day.