Tourism in Ethiopia – boom and fall and rise again?

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In 2019, an article written by Anne Stellberger reported on the booming Ethiopian tourism and hospitality sector, and the way that PROJECT-E contributes to it by “providing a well-educated and equipped work force” for any one of the PEHI’s 15 partner hotels in Addis Ababa ( In 2019, the fact that a record 812,000 tourists […]

Team Thursday – Lynn

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What is your background? I grew up in the Netherlands and have a bachelor’s degree in European Studies and a master’s degree in International Relations/International Security. Currently, I live in the US, but I’ll be moving back to Germany soon.  What is your involvement with PROJECT-E? I joined the Fundraising Department in March this year […]

10 Inspiring Ethiopian Women (Cont.)

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Ethiopian radio host Meaza Biru says that she never had a career in radio in mind when she was a child. She never particularly liked being in the spotlight and had little confidence in her talent for writing or speaking. After working in various journalistic contexts for different institutions and after having founded a PR […]