Q: What is PROJECT-E doing?

PROJECT-E is a German/Austrian/Swiss non-profit organisation. We provide young women from destitute backgrounds with free vocational training in the hospitality sector. Through full scholarships and assistance during their search for employment, PROJECT-E enables young women to realize their potential and achieve independence. Furthermore, we fill the demand for qualified staff in Addis Ababa's flourishing tourism sector.

Q: What does the 'E' in PROJECT-E stand for?

The 'E' in PROJECT-E stands for 'Education', 'Empower' and 'Ethiopia'. It resembles PROJECT-E’s vision to empower Ethiopian women through education.

Q: What differentiates PROJECT-E from other organisations?

In contrast to other organisations, PROJECT-E’s Team International consists solely of students and young professionals, working voluntarily in their free time. Moreover, is the qualitative approach to the education quite unique.

Q: How was PROJECT-E founded?

PROJECT-E was founded by Wenzel and Moritz Waldstein in 2007. It was their vision to empower young Ethiopian women. By 2009, the organisation had gained a considerable number of members and impact. The first students finished their three-year training in our secretarial science project by 2012.

Q: Why does PROJECT-E specialize in the vocational education of young women from destitute backgrounds?

One of PROJECT-E’s founders, Wenzel Waldstein, volunteered in an Ethiopian orphanage. Noticing the girls’ lack of perspective upon leaving the orphanage, he decided to found PROJECT-E in order to counteract that trend.

Furthermore, the Ethiopian society is fairly male dominated. PROJECT-E aims to neutralize that inequality and enable women to realise their potential and become independent.

Q: Where are PROJECT-E’s headquarters?

While our Hospitality Institute is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the international team does not have dedicated headquarters. The members live all across Europe, working for PROJECT-E from their homes.

Q: How is PROJECT-E structured?

PROJECT-E consists of two teams working together across the world: Team International and Team Ethiopia:

  • Team International is formed solely by roughly 25 students and young professionals, working voluntarily and web-based in the departments Public Relations, Talent Management, Fundraising, Finance and in the elected Management Board.
  • Team Ethiopia is formed by roughly 15 local staff members, for the academical as well as the sociological development of our students and therefore for the entire project implementation at the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute in Addis Ababa. 

Q: Which projects is PROJECT-E working on?

Our first project started in 2009. It was a college for young women from destitute backgrounds offering vocational education in secretarial science. After successfully handing over this project to our Ethiopian partner, we have started a hotel operation project in 2015 – the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute (PEHI).

Q: How are we funding our projects?

Our projects are mostly funded by charity grants. However, we also rely on private donations.

Q: How are we insuring PROJECT-E’s sustainability?

Sustainability is one of our main principles. By handing over our projects to local partners, who independently continue them, we ensure that our initial impact is not lost once we move to the next project.

Q: How can I donate and where does my money go?

You can donate on our homepage as well as via Betterplace. Since all our European members work voluntarily, we have barely any expenses in Europe. Therefore all of your money benefits our project in Ethiopia directly.

Q: How can I directly support one of PROJECT-E's students?

By donating monthly, you have the option of becoming a sponsor of one of our students. You will receive regular updates on her educational progress as well as letters from your protegee to ensure that your donation has the expected impact.

Q: How can I join Team International or volunteer in your project in Ethiopia?

If you would like to get involved with PROJECT-E, send your CV plus Letter of Motivation to tm@project-e.eu or apply directly on our website.

Q: How can I support the organisation apart from donating money?

We are always grateful for information, donations of e.g. hotel operation books, as well as connections to journalists. Contact us via our website or send an email to info@project-e.eu.

Q: Where can I get further information on the project?

To receive regular updates on the project, subscribe to our newsletter. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly news and background information.