Entoto Tech Fellowship Program Instructor, Teaching Assistant and Mentor
Understanding Your Role

Entoto Tech Fellowship Program is facilitated by a team of dedicated volunteers who are recruited through university, workplace and personal networks. This program is possible because of the passion, talent and energy they bring to our team. We are looking for highly motivated students, recent graduates and young professional in tech who are interested in transferring their knowledge and empowering women to thieve in a male dominated industry.

There are three main opportunities for volunteers:

As an Instructor, you are responsible for the student experience in and out of the classroom. These responsibilities specifically lie in the realm of instruction as it pertains to the curriculum set forth by Entoto. You can also contribute to curating out Google Course material and bring your own personal touch to the content we deliver.

As Teaching Assistant, you will assist in leading technical workshops, help student understand and comprehend material the instructor teaches and debugging attendees’ code in class and labs.

As a Mentor, you will give industry overview talks to help people make sense of the career options and about breaking into tech career. Help student with projects and guide the

Qualifikationen / Anforderungen

· Skills and experience in full-stack web development. Especially in:

o JavaScript

o Python


o JavaScript Framework for frontend and backend

o SQL and NoSQL


o Git and GitHub

o Deployment

· More important than deep technical experience is the ability to communicate effectively to beginners. Good communication skills and social aptitude is key.

· Passion and understanding of teaching code. Dedication, persistence, patience, attention to detail, and enthusiasm are great characteristics for this role.

· Most importantly, very enthusiast

· to share your knowledge, empower women and care about diversity in technology.

Entoto’s offers

· Not only you will make substantial difference in the life of 25 women, but you will be addressing an important global issue, which is lack of women in technology and entrepreneurship. Globally, there are only 20% women in tech and only 8% of those are inventors. In Ethiopia this is worse. There were only 4 women out of 125 students that graduated in Computer Engineering from Addis Abeba University in 2018.

· You will gain valuable teaching and mentoring experience. You can also contribute to our Google Course material.

· An inspiring work atmosphere in a young and motivated team. We are young group of women who are working to help women challenge the cultural biases against women in tech and make our tech community more welcoming to women.

· Develop your technical skills


Please include your portfolio (GitHub, website or whatever platform you use) in the you resume. Visit for more information || Emails us at

About Entoto

Entoto is a talent development fellowship focused on enabling young women in Ethiopia with world class learning opportunities in technology and innovation. We are a diverse group of young women who are running Entoto under the Ethiopian Community Association (ECA), BC, Canada and are partnering with Ministry of Innovation and Technology Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, University of British Columbia, Canada and Project-E. The inaugural Entoto Fellowship Program will take place this coming summer in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia from June 1st-August 31st, 2019. A group of experienced software developers and entrepreneurs based in Ethiopia, Canada, and the United States will come together to teach and mentor students in the program.

In the 12-week extensive program, students will have the opportunity to learn full-stack development and work with local organizations to identify problems that can be solved with the set of skills the students acquire from the program. In the final week of the program, The Entoto Fellowship program will host a “pitch night” for students to present their projects to our partner organizations, business owners, and investors for job opportunities, seed money and exposure.


Anstellung: Entoto Tech Fellowship Program Instructor, Teaching Assistant and Mentor

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