A big thank you to our partners which support us in many different ways and without whom this project would not be possible



To reach our goals as a charitable organization we associate with private donors, foundations, organizations and brands such as Volvic International. Especially the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) enables us to implement the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute within the framework of Austrian Development Cooperation. We deeply appreciate their cordial support which ensures that our projects continue to exist. With their help we are able to spread our vision of “empowering education” further.


Without local partners and supporters, our project could not sustain. As much as donations from Europe are necessary, the local partners of PROJECT-E in Ethiopia help us to run, improve and constantly increase the impact of our project within the community. Hotels offer our students internships, successful women in business hold presentations and meetings and other non-profit organizations help us with knowledge and experience. We are always focused on our contacts and possibilities to exchange with our partners and are very thankful for the great work together.



  • Beer Garden Inn
  • Best Western
  • Getfam Hotel
  • Golden Tulip Hotel
  • Harmony Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Jupiter Hotel
  • Marriott Executive Apartments
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Momona Hotel
  • Mosaic Hotel
  • Ramada
  • Saro Maria Hotel
  • Sheraton Addis
  • Sidra International, A.A
  • Solo Te Hotel


  • Addis Ababa Bureau of Finance and Economic Development
  • Addis Ababa TVET Agency
  • Federal TVET Agency


  • IT Luxury Lifestyle
  • What´s Out Magazine

NGOs and Associations

  • Association of Women in Businesses
  • International Institute of Education
  • PUM volunteer services
  • Selam Children´s Village
  • SOS Children´s Village

Here are some of our global partners

What some of our partners have to say

The main reason why we start supporting Project-E was that the hotel sector raised very fast in the last years and I witnessed it because I am in the hotel sector for about 20 years. But this creates a gap between the new international requests and the education of the employees. Project-E came to help us to close the gap and so it is our responsibility to support Project-E.

Mr. Seleshi Debebe
Mr. Seleshi Debebe General Manager Harmony Hotel

I think special about Project-E is that they are helping young women to continue their education. They help them to be someone and to bright their future. Or just simply to imagine a better future.

Mrs. Adanu Tafesse
Mrs. Adanu Tafesse Human Resources Hilton Hotel

The main reason why we start supporting the project is that we have a responsibility as a big hotel. This responsibility is to open our doors for foreign projects because they work for our country and not for their own. They want to help and support our country and our people and therefore it is our duty to support them.

Mr. Haileleul Yilma
Mr. Haileleul Yilma Human Resources Saro Maria Hotel

I am impressed by the idea supporting woman. The students are the future mothers, so they can give their experiences to their children. On this way a tool to break the cycle of property can be created.

Mrs. Roman Tafessework
Mrs. Roman Tafessework Product Development Director Boston Day Spa





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