HIV prevention at PEHI in the spirit of World AIDS Day

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Insufficient access to protection, information, and life-saving medicaments, as well as prejudice and exclusion – some 38 million HIV-infected people around the world face problems like these time and again. Even though they can live like everyone else if their disease is treated in time. Every year since 1988, World AIDS Day on the 1st […]

“Women power” reaches a new level in Ethiopia

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Working in the field of women empowerment in Ethiopia inevitably comes with seeing women being physically and mentally oppressed, living in poor conditions, and not getting the opportunity to empower themselves. PROJECT-E (PE) tries to give women with such backgrounds a chance to start a new life by helping them grow, as well as to […]

Discovering Genna – Ethiopian Christmas celebrations

0 Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas Celebration at the Church of the Nativity, West Bank town of Bethlehem January 6, 2011. Ethiopia (and especially the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) still use the old Julian calendar, so the celebrate Christmas on January 7th. The Christmas celebration in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is called Ganna. Most people go to Church on Christmas day. Licence agreement: Email: or

Christmas known as Genna in Ethiopia is a celebration rich with culture and rituals making it a beloved holyday amongst all Ethiopian Christians and tribes.  Being the oldest nation in Africa Ethiopia continues to use the old Julian calendar especially the Orthodox Church thus Genna falling on January 7th each year.

Teaching at the PROJECT-E Institute – An Inspiring Experience

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The first-year housekeeping students gathered excitedly outside the building, eagerly awaiting to start their first day of classes. After an insightful and busy first week at PROJECT-E, I was nervous to start my lesson plans. Would the students be willing to speak to me in English? Would cultural differences be stressful, amusing, or remarkably different between the two groups? As a new instructor, I was very nervous but excited to see how my teaching would go!

Team Thursday – Meet Lewam

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Lewam currently volunteers in the area of public relations at the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute and helps with making our work more transparent! What else do you have to know about Lewam? Find out in this week’s Team Thursday interview below!