Welcome to our new Housekeeping Short Term students!

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30 students began with the short-term programme at the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute. This new programme aims at women who already got a family and have to take responsibility in their life while seeking change and further education. PROJECT-E is financing the tuition fee, equipment, breakfast, and examination fee to become a regular worker in one of Addis Ababas middle-class hotels!

Team Thursday – Meet Aynalem

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Aynalem joined PROJECT-E at the beginning of this year and with her experience in the hospitality sector, she fits perfect into our team in Addis Ababa! In our #TeamThursday series, Aynalem reports on her background, her job and her passion.

Internships for PROJECT-E students

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For PROJECT-E’s first year students it has been an exciting end to their academic year as they embarked on their internships at some of Addis Ababa’s most prestigious hotels in April and May 2018. This was always going to be met with a little bit of nervousness trepidation by the students as it was their first step into the public hospitality arena – it can be difficult at first to transfer the skills learnt in the classroom into a real scenario where there is extra pressure to perform well in front of potential employers. It was especially challenging for the students as they were no longer comforted by the collective presence of their peers – although they remained roommates, most of the young women had their internships at different hotels in Addis.

Team Thursday – Meet Emebet

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Emebet Tenaw joined our Team in Addis Ababa in March 2018 as a trainer assistant. What makes this special is that Emebet actually is a PROJECT-E graduate! As not much time has passed since she went to school herself, Emebet surely got all the empathy needed for her job. We are glad to have her on board (again)! Please, check out her answers to our Team Thursday questions below.