An Emotional Goodbye – The Graduation Ceremony of the 2nd-Year Students

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On Saturday 28th April, PROJECT-E celebrated an important day. The second batch of Hospitality students at PROJECT-E finished their level 1 & 2 programme and graduated that day. Within the two years that have passed by, it was great to see these young ladies grow and develop into more confident and independent women. As their careers finally begin, they will finally be able to see all their knowledge and hard work be put to use.

Team Thursday – Meet Alemitu

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This Thursday, you have the opportunity to meet Alemitu Negash who is responsible for the delicious daily lunch and more! 1. What’s your background? I’ve worked at countless jobs, but my last occupation before I came to PROJECT-E was at Selam Vocational Center. 2. What’s your involvement with PROJECT –E? I am a house mother […]

Amharic – a language with a long history

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When coming to Ethiopia, many people expect English to be an official language and are surprised to learn that, in contrast to other countries in East Africa, English is not among the official languages. Ethiopia is probably one of the oldest independent states in history. The country successfully fought and prevented a colonialization and could therefore preserve its own languages. Ethiopia’s official language is Amharic (Amharigna) and its origin goes back to 2000 years ago. Amharic belongs to the Semitic language family, which also comprises Arabic and Hebrew. Besides Amharic, there are around 80 other languages and 200 dialects spoken in Ethiopia, as for example the languages Tigrigna, Wolaytigna, Somali and Oromigna. However, Amharic represents the official language and is spoken by a quarter of Ethiopians population, with around 22 million speakers.

Team Thursday – Meet Betelhem

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Team Thursday is still on! And today, we have the chance to hear more about Betelhem who works for Team Addis as a social worker. 1. What is your background? I hold a BA in psychology and a MA in clinical psychology. However, my work experience is related to the social work area. Before joining […]

Team Thursday – Meet Alemayehu

0 Alemayehu-Getachew-english-instructor

This week, we are starting to introduce you staff members from the Institute in Addis. For the first interview from #TeamAddis, Alemayehu is answering our questions. 1. What is your background? I have got a background in teaching and hold a Bachelor of Education (BED) Degree in English Education. 2. What is your involvement with […]

Team Thursday – Meet Lorenza

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In this week’s part of the Team Thursday Series, we introduce to you Lorenza Arnaboldi of PROJECT-E’s Public Relations Department: 1. What’s your background? My academic background is in psychology and human rights, and I have always been proactive in promoting positive change and raising awareness on issues that matter to me.     2. What’s your […]

Our volunteer Nita in Addis

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It has been a stormy first week for me as the new volunteer at the hospitality institute in Addis. I am currently writing my master thesis in Development and International Relations at Aalborg University in Denmark and arrived here from my internship in Brussels where I was introduced to Ethiopia for the first time. The more I was working with Ethiopia the more I wanted to go and see what this country has to offer. So when I finally arrived in Addis, I was full of excitement and curiosity and so far I am still stunned by everything I see and experience every day.