10 Inspiring Ethiopian Women

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Feminism and women’s empowerment are not limited to women occupying senior positions in business or academia. Inspiring women do not necessarily have to be professionally successful leaders and attract public attention. Nevertheless, finding more and more women at the executive level of economic institutions should be celebrated as a notable achievement. The women we would […]

10 Inspiring Ethiopian Women (Cont.)

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Ethiopian radio host Meaza Biru says that she never had a career in radio in mind when she was a child. She never particularly liked being in the spotlight and had little confidence in her talent for writing or speaking. After working in various journalistic contexts for different institutions and after having founded a PR […]

10 Inspiring Ethiopian Women

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“Empowered Women Empower Women” is the motto under which the current PROJECT-E fundraising campaign is running. In the past, we have sometimes introduced you to female employees and students of the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute (PEHI), sharing what being a woman means to them, what inspires them as women and what makes them strong. Now, in […]