Team Thursday – Meet Sena


This week our Team Thursday series introduces to you our most vital woman for the connection between our teams in Europe and Ethiopia. Sena Kinati started working as the Country Representative of PROJECT-E now for almost one year. Read here, what answers Sena gave to our three questions.

Team Thursday – Meet Niklas


Who are the people running PROJECT-E? You might already know that our Team Europe consists of different departments concerned with different tasks. But who is the person behind the task? To make this a little more touchable, we are starting the new series “TEAM THURSDAY”, in which we introduce to you the members of PROJECT-E, the people, who make everything possible in the first place.

It’s time for Ethiopian New Year’s!


September is a wonderful time in Ethiopia and particularly the Ethiopian month of Meskerem that runs from 11th or 12th September to 10th October marking the beginning of the Ethiopian year. The countryside is lit up with the masses of bright yellow Meskel daisies and more sunshine flickering through the rain clouds, and it brings with it all the promise of the New Year.