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Team Thursday Part 19 – Meet Emebet

Emebet Tenaw joined our Team in Addis Ababa in March 2018 as a trainer assistant. What makes this special is that Emebet actually is a PROJECT-E graduate! As not much time has passed since she went to school herself, Emebet surely got all the empathy needed for her job. We are glad to have her on board (again)! Please, check out her answers to our Team Thursday questions below.


Team Thursday Part 17 – Meet Alemitu

This Thursday, you have the opportunity to meet Alemitu Negash who is responsible for the delicious daily lunch and more! 1. What’s your background? I’ve worked at countless jobs, but my last occupation before I came to PROJECT-E was at Selam Vocational Center. 2. What’s your involvement with PROJECT –E? I am a house mother […]


Team Thursday Part 13 – Meet Lorenza !

In this week’s part of the Team Thursday Series, we introduce to you Lorenza Arnaboldi of PROJECT-E’s Public Relations Department: 1. What’s your background? My academic background is in psychology and human rights, and I have always been proactive in promoting positive change and raising awareness on issues that matter to me.     2. What’s your […]