Three Questions to … Misrak Hailu, a new student at the Hospitality Institute

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This autumn, a class of twenty new students started their studies at the PROJECT-E Hospitality Institute in Addis Abeba. For two years, they will work towards their goal to receive their degree. A lot has changed for the students in the recent weeks, as they were leaving home and moved to the student accomodation of PROJECT-E. We wish all of our students, who have just started, a very warm welcome and all the strength, success, luck and fun they will be needing in the coming semesters! One of the new first years students, Misrak Hailu, sat down with us to talk about school and life.

Women Empowerment in Ethiopia – The Reason PROJECT-E Exists

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According to the UN, Ethiopia has some of the lowest gender equality performance indicators in sub-Saharan Africa (UN Women 2013). Ethiopian women’s rights are being violated in almost every sphere of their lives. This was recently confirmed in a survey conducted in 2016, at the time of which only 1 in 3 of the women […]

Strategy Weekend in Heidelberg

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On the first weekend in September PROJECT-E’s Team Europe came together for the meanwhile traditional bi-annual Strategy Weekend. This time the city of Heidelberg, Germany gave us a warm welcome and the basis for a couple of days of planning, evaluating, looking back and looking forward and – having fun meeting old and new friends!

Strategy Weekend in Vienna

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On the first weekend of the year, the PROJECT-E team came together in Vienna, Austria to kick off the year by evaluating ongoing work, making new plans and meeting old and new team members and friends.