Team Thursday – Jihan

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What is your background? I am from Lebanon and have lived in Italy for 5 years where I completed my Bachelor degree in Economics and Finance. I’m now based in East Europe. What is your involvement with PROJECT-E? I joined PROJECT-E in December 2022 as a Department Head of Public Relations. I’m looking forward for […]

Team Thursday – Maximilian

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What is your background? I was born and raised in Austria but at the moment I am studying “International Affairs” in the third semester in Switzerland. What is your involvement with PROJECT-E? As a volunteer, I am part of “Team International”, belong to “Team Public Relations” and work there as a content creator. What are […]

Team Thursday – Elena


What is your background? I grew up in the Ruhr Area in Germany, but I have relocated many times around Europe over the past few years. I am currently living in The Hague, where I work as a Project Officer for a European network of organisations that support social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders. I have […]

Team Thursday – Chale

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What is your background? I was born in Ethiopia and raised in Australia. I am a recent graduate of the University of Freiburg, where I completed a MA in Global Studies. I am currently based in Berlin, where I am doing an internship. My field of studies encompasses Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, Dynamics of […]

Diary of a volunteer | Nanja Boenisch

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Entry of 29 October 2020. It is probably quite common, not only as a young person, to be constantly looking for meaningful activities, such as educational opportunities and jobs; and to be asking oneself again and again how one can contribute to a, to put it bluntly, better world. Where can I get involved? How […]